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10 October 2022, 16:00 to 19:00

4-7pm on Monday the 10th October 2022

Get informal advice on your projects and career during 1-1s with specialists in photography. Our regular Critique Surgeries are a supportive and welcoming space to share your work and get feedback and inspiration for continuting to improve in every way.

This series will be conducted online for the foreseeable future as one-to-one Zoom meetings.

News and Opportunities

On Saturday 29th of October, Redeye's Hothouse arrives in Newcastle upon Tyne for a free, daylong celebration of photography. It's a showcase of new talent and a hive of photographic activity and information. 



Learn something new alongside a community of photographers from around the world with the Photo Ethics Centre.

Get involved with some of their online courses and apply empathy, autonomy, and integrity to your photography practice.

So many of the negative stories we see today about photographers and photography organisations could have been prevented if the people involved were ethically literate.

What's On


1 September 2022 to 15 October 2022

Stina Fisher - Copyright Margaret Mitchell


This Separated Isle explores how concepts of ‘Britishness’ reveal an inclusive range of opinions and understandings about our national character. Based on the book Invisible Britain: This Separated Isle, the exhibition presents a diverse range of engaging photographic portraits of people from across the UK. Each portrait is accompanied with a poignant first person testimony that draws attention to each person’s story, placing them centre stage so that we can begin to understand their lives.


17 September 2022 to 16 October 2022

P H O T O G R A P H Y E X H I B I T I O N   1 7 / 9 / 2 0 2 2 - 1 6 / 1 0 / 2 0 2 2


Bradley Brook is an outdoor photography exhibition by Manchester Photographer Tristan Poyser, exploring our relationship with nature and the benefit to our mental health and wellbeing.



31 August 2022, 14:00 to 31 December 2022, 14:00

***Applications will open soon****

"The future of great ideas will come from great collaborations." - Trevor Beattie

Lightbox is a long-established and highly respected course for photographers and artists seeking to collaborate with others.

26 September 2022, 12:00 to 9 October 2022, 19:00

Peer to Peer: UK/HK 2022
Inspiring visual arts exchange between UK and Hong Kong 

26th September – 9th October 2022


Peer to Peer: UK/HK 2022 is a programme designed to encourage meaningful cultural exchange and to forge enduring partnerships between the UK and Hong Kong's visual arts sectors.

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